Atlantic Salmon - Book Jacket 2005

Hen salmon - water-colour & gouache specimen study
sold by Christies' London
1999 - $3522

Hen salmon water-colour specimen study, sold by Christies' 1998 - $1438

'Coastal Spring-fish'

  • oil on canvas, private collection

Study of a heavily kyped Cock salmon - Graphite and water-colour, Private collection

Oil on canvas, L'Conservatoire National du Saumon Sauvage, Chantueges, France.

'Night Moves' - oil on canvas, Private collection

Salmon Grilse - oil on canvas, Private Collection

'The Valley, - oil on canvas, sold by Christies' London

'Waiting for the Rain'- oil on canvas, coll. L'Conservatoire National du Saumon Sauvage, France.

‘Moonrise’ – oil on canvas, private collection.

Atlantic Salmon – an illustrated natural history

‘Atlantic Salmon’ features a collection of paintings made by Roderick Sutterby over twenty five years. Depicting in both water-colours, pastels and large oil paintings, the life strategies of the wild salmon, from gravel bedded nursery streams to arctic Greenland coast.

‘I make the specimen studies from fish bought to me by other anglers. An initial life size, measured drawing is made in graphite pencil prior to the final water-colour study. Each work will take many days. The pastels and large oil paintings combine what I know with what I might conceive and freely imagine’.

The book has a learned narrative written by Dr. Malcolm Greenhalgh and introduction by Orri Vigfusson, Chairman, The North Atlantic Salmon Fund.

Both in English and French editions in collaboration with L' Conservatoire National du Saumon Sauvage, Chanteuges, Auvergne, France. Situated on the River Allier, a tributary of the River Loire.
This book is now out of print but copies may be found on Amazon.

‘Waiting for the Rain’ is featured in the new book, ‘FISH in ART’ by Christine E. Jackson, Reaktion Books, London.

Painter and illustrator of more than 80 images for this book
Merlin Unwin Books 2005
The book ‘Atlantic Salmon’ was published in 2005
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