Hebridean Pool - Gouache and pastel - private collection

Hen Sea-trout, River Tyne - Water-colour, sold Christies 1998

A Ferox trout from Lough Melvin - water-colour

A Sonaghen trout from Lough Melvin, Eire. - water-colour

A brown trout from Loch Leven - water-colour

Golden Trout from South West USA

The Wild Trout – the natural history of an endangered fish

Wild trout tend to inhabit waters set in wild places. Distinctive varieties can be found in many lakes and rivers and all are admired for their streamlined beauty and extraordinary range of sizes and colours. Some rare varieties are threatened by extinction due to pollution, over fishing and non-native stocking.

With great accuracy, Roderick Sutterby illustrates many individual wild trout varieties from Europe and North America.
Dr. Malcom Greenhalgh’s illuminating text describes the origins, evolution and natural history of the species and makes a compelling case for their protection.

“The illustrations are superb, and show an expertise which I have rarely seen equalled – the detail is remarkable”. – Alwyne Wheeler, The Natural History Museum, London 1989.

This book is currently out of print.

George Philip Publishing 1989
‘The Wild Trout’ – the natural history of an endangered fish – Roderick Sutterby & Dr.Malcom Greenhalgh with landscape photographs by Simon Farrell
Highly illustrated
Britain & N. America
Species study
Dr. Malcom Greenhalgh