‘Night Pool’ – the harem, spawning sea-trout, an interloper – oil on canvas 127cmx77cm sold by Christies' London.

‘Night Rituals’ – Water-colour 80 x 60cm
£980.00 framed. – inc. free UK delivery

Sea-Trout, a ‘Northumberland Bully’ specimen study watercolour 64cmx40cm sold by Christie’s London. A LIMITED EDITION print available. 64cm x 40cm
£68.00 inc. UK delivery

Sea-trout cock, the 'Northumberland Bully', an ancient race.

  • specimen study, water-colour. Private collection

Night Pool – studies of spawning Sea-trout and Salmon

‘Night Pool’ – Oils on Canvas, Sold by Christies' St.James' London 2009 – $4885

Over some years I made night observations of spawning sea-trout and salmon, in the rivers and burns close to my home. With an accomplice or two, an early winter night with light rain, the ideal time. The preoccupied fish, once located, could be approached with care and small flashlights. Later at the studio, my drawings and vivid memories of their intimate behavior, assisted me in developing the large easel paintings, watercolors and pastels. Of course, permission from the local bailiff must always be sought for such adventures, although our presence did deter the enthusiasm of fish poachers.

‘The Northumberland Bully’ water-color specimen study, original sold at Christies' London.
*Now available as a Signed and numbered Limited Edition print, 64x39cm on French Paralux paper (edition 500) – £68.00 inc. delivery in postal tube, fully insured, Direct from the artist :- mail@rodsutterby.com – PAYPAL only.

‘Night Rituals’ – water-colour 72cm x 52cm – available £980.00 inc. free UK delivery

‘Night Watch’ – oil on canvas 92 x 76cm – available £1950.00 inc. free UK delivery.
Contact the artist – mail@rodsutterby.com

The artist Roderick Sutterby. Paintings for exhibitions and to commission.
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